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Like us, you may have arrived here after a negative or dead-end experience with a pool builder. 

Traditional pool installation requires major on-site construction, prohibitive minimum investments, and poor customer service. Or, you may have considered one of many container pools on the market only to feel like the trade-offs and cut corners aren’t worth the end result. This is why we have thoughtfully created Proper Plunge Pools. 


Our high-end prefab pools are built with over 20,000 pounds of concrete and steel. We worked with the best steel-workers, concrete manufactures and engineers in Texas, while hand-picking the best materials and finishes from around the world.


Built to last, it’s a private retreat that will add quality to your life and value to your property. This isn’t a fake pool, a tank pool, or a container pool. It’s a Proper Pool.


Because our pools arrive already built, they allow for an expedited construction process. While most pools take months to build, our pools can be installed in a matter of days.


Please be aware, installing a high-quality pool of any kind into a residential property is still a serious undertaking. All of our pools are craned onto the site, permitting is recommended, and each property will need to have its own custom plan. That’s why we’re here.


Whether you are a homeowner or developer, whether you are looking for in-ground or above, we will work closely with you to ensure our product can integrate into your environment.


Please reach out to us so that we can help demystify the process and get you on your way to relaxing in your own Proper Plunge Pool.


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